It's an early Father's Day!

This week's show part 1 with business specialist Rocky Lalvani. Being an involved dad, and not being a Bean Dad.
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Is more institutionalization for everybody the only option? What other directions could we take?

Part 3 of my talk with photographer Cheryl Adams, who teaches at Rhode Island School of Design.

Bleak House, by Charles Dickens (audiobook here)

The Art of Possibility, by Rosamond Stone Zander & Benjamin Zander

Are schools preparing kids for today's workplace? What can we learn from the arts?

Part 2 of my conversation with photographer and RISD prof Cheryl Adams: teaching and learning.


Language is how we figure out the world. Small kids need clarity, patience, and space to do what they're told.

Part 1 of my conversation with Cheryl Adams, photographer and prof at RISD. She's got an extraordinary household.

Bunny the Dog

Counterclockwise, by Ellen J Langer

Business Insider

New York Times

80% of what parents and kids argue about is school. What happens when we take that out of the equation? Join us for the second half of my conversation with Julie Leonard.
Also: how do we learn if we bypass the shame of not reading "on time"?
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Talking about making the holidays saner; what you're not missing out on this year; and more.

Guest: Julie Leonard, nurse and homeschooler, pt 1

My guest, writer Sage Ingles, and I talk about kid business and true socialization.


Mexico School Story

Oliver Sacks

Sometimes giving everybody space makes everything come together. My guest, writer Sage Ingles, finds time to create amidst four kids. We talk about giving space physically, and mentally.

Sarah Wall talks with me about creative ways to make a living while you educate the kids. We discuss handling learning disabilities, MLMs, kid businesses, and entrepreneurship.

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Find Your Work From Home

Best Day Planner

On testing, learning, and The Dip.

Today's guest, Sarah Wall, on single motherhood and homeschooling, working, and figuring out what you need for support.

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