Professor John Dion of the College of Saint Rose joins us today to talk about embedding service into work, negotiating different perceptions abroad, and the flow state. “The difference between you and me and someone who’s homeless is a run of bad luck. Unless you go out and talk to people, and experience their humanity, things don’t get better."

This week, Katie Zobel, President and CEO of the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts. Can fundraising be a spiritual practice? We find out. Plus stop calling them nonprofits, the creativity involved in seeking beauty, stop being so hard on yourself, learn to be critical in a loving way, and if you went back and gave advice to your younger self, would you even listen?

The Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts

What are Community Foundations?

A world in which Brené Brown and Charles Dickens overlap. Reviewing guests Mathew Ragan, Angela Patrick Silva, and Andrew Dell'Antonio, plus book review of Dare to Lead by Brené Brown.

Dare to Lead

The Learning Dip

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Incandescent Wombat

This week's guest, Matthew Ragan of Obscura Digital talks about the process it takes to transform code into art, making transformative experiences, storytelling, authenticity, and how math can help you create a world.

Obscura Digital

Art on the Mart project page

Art on the Mart launch show

This week, Angela Patrick Silvia about her journey from meteorology to radiology, her work fundraising for bone marrow and cancer charities, and her sewing business. I got such an insight into what it’s like to be on the other side of the x-ray, and the thoughtful compassion health workers bring every day. Links to all the awesome things we talked about below.

University of Texas music historian and deep thinker Andrew Dell'Antonio joins us to talk about management, feminism, and disability access. We chat about how institutions can change, how to open up education, and how a sense of purpose helps you to keep centered, and how to reconnect with yourself. And that Andrew’s optimism is well-justified, a great message to his younger self.

Safety and fear, trust and joy.

Key takeaways and thoughts about the last three guests, Tone Nunes, Pam Victor, and Victoria Quine.


Book review: You Are A Badass More books by Jen Sincero

You Are A Badass With Money
You Are A Badass Every Day
You Are A Badass Calendar

This week’s guest is Victoria Quine, Outreach Coordinator at the New England Center for Circus Arts. A former gymnast and competitive dancer, she has a degree in cognitive psychology and child development, and a special interest in social circus. We talk about pedagogy and what we learn from the act of teaching, the importance of asking, that we’re not alone, and how it all works out.
Howard Gardner: 

Today's guest is Pam Victor: improv comedian, teacher, consultant, author, and nice person. When you feel bad, ask yourself, where’s the joy, and if there’s no joy, where’s the peace? Energy is more beautiful than effort, so go experience the zen of improv, and set your heart singing.

Happier Valley Comedy

Improvisation at the Speed of Life

Bad and the Word Launcher

Today I’m talking with Tone Nunes, whose background as an actor has made him a fearless advocate for animals, and leader in management. We chat about how the higher up in a company you get, the more replaceable you are—the business will run without you—and how necessary it is to tell the truth to people in power, giving them the choice to make substantial change, or not. And how the cause dearest to Tone’s heart is the duty of care we have to our animals.

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